In 2004 we purchased and restored a 1941 Packard and decided to create a card to send to several of our friends and relatives announcing its arrival. The card consisted of a photograph of the recently purchased Packard and a picture of my Dad’s 1941 Packard surrounded by our family. The two cars were identical with the exception that ours was a two door Club Coupe and the Dad’s was a four door Sedan. While looking for photos for the card I realized that the family photos from dad's generation were in worse shape than the car.

I had been working with an experienced photographer from National Geographic, taking photography classes and was learning the editing processing using Photoshop, I decided to tackle the family photos myself. Soon I was restoring the photographs of other Packard owners and the business blossomed from there. Through the word of mouth the request to restore other photographs and documents continued and the hobby turned into a business we call P-T-B (Peggy-Terry-Benson) in 2007.

I still own a Packard, and my wife and I enjoy going to the regional and national car events, but I no longer restore cars however, I am now oil painting portraits. I have photographed private collections, and work with individuals to restore their photographs and documents that mean the most to them.