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Products & Services?

Restoration and preservation of family photographs and documents. Your photograph whether faded, scratched, torn into pieces, folded, creased or have missing parts will be restored resulting in a new photograph that looks as good or even better than when it was first taken. Your originals will be returned to you in the same condition as it was received.

We perform archiving of photographs and documents. We can place your photographic collection along with any documents or newspaper articles you may have kept over the years onto a permanent storage device. We are able to produce multiple copies that can be given to children, grandchildren, historical society, friends or relatives assuring all family members can share your irreplaceable family history.

Market Area?

We are located in Hagerstown, Maryland. For a free consultation or estimate please call and make an appointment. If you are not near Hagerstown you can E-Mail me a 300 or 600 dpi .jpg scan of the item(s) you would like restored.

Hours of Operation?

As needed, call 301-797-0183, 301-991-9972 or email us at to setup an appointment at your convenience.

What Guarantee of quality and workmanship should I expect?

All of our products and services are guaranteed to meet 100% of your expectations. A proof copy of all restored photographs will be sent to you for your approval prior to sending the final copies. If you are not satisfied with the proof we will make the appropriate changes or refund your money.

Why should I have my photographs restored?

Photographs are a history of the past. Photographs give us the ability to share with friends, relatives and especially future generations our family history by showing the people, places and things that meant so much to you and those that took them. Whether your photographs are the earliest Glass plates, Tintype/Ferrotype, prints, Polaroid's, negatives, slides or newspaper clippings or documents, Black & White or color, they are probably stored in the basement, attic, boxes, laying loose, frames or in albums. Photographs can deteriorate and are easily damaged, become torn, are subject to fading, getting scratched, having missing emulsion, found in multiple pieces, etc. By using the latest digital technology nearly all of these conditions can be restored resulting in a photograph looking as good or even better than the original.

Will my original Photograph be destroyed?

No! We will scan your original photograph into a form that will be used in our computers to create your restored photograph. Your original will be returned to you in the same condition as it was received.

Should I have my photographs, other family history and documents placed on a permanent digital storage device?

You insure your precious items, cars, home & furnishings, boats, etc., most of which can be replaced with money. However, if your home were to be destroyed by fire, flood, tornado or vandalism, your family history that resided in pictures could never be replaced. By having your historical, precious, rare photographs and documents placed onto a single or multiple permanent digital device that you would store off site you would now have insured your most irreplaceable family history for future generations.